Get email alerts on health news like health advice, disease outbreaks, diet, allergies, bird flu, drug discoveries.
Get email alerts on food or product recalls like toys with lead, food with bacteria or peanuts, allergies, defective cars, electronics.
Get email alerts on Craigslist postings in your area like items for sale, local jobs, community events.
Get email alerts on flight fares to and from your preferred location.
Get email alerts when earthquakes occur in specific places like california, india, indonesia.
Get email alerts on house prices in your neighborhood, like townhomes, single family homes, condos, home sales, real estate.
Get email alerts on local events in your neighborhood, like yard sales, kids events, concerts.
Get email alerts on job postings by type and location, like software developer in New Jersey.

Who are we?

We are a group of computer scientists with families living in USA. None of us were directly affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, but we felt the impact at a profound level.This is the Information Age and we lost 300000 people because they were not alerted in time? Think about it.
In fact, it doesn't take a tsunami. There are many other instances in our day-to-day lives where a timely alert would be of great help to us and our families. Here are some examples that we identified in a survey on what families care the most about.

Arrow  Health: High levels of bacteria detected in local lakes.
Arrow  Health: Health expert comes up with some novel tips on dealing with obesity or asthma or flu.
Arrow  Product Recalls: Govt. issues a recall on certain toys due to high levels of lead; or food with unannounced peanuts in them.
Arrow  Weather: A thunderstorm is headed our way.
Arrow  Earthquakes: A 5.2 quake occurred in California.

As humans and IT experts, we felt that it was our minimal duty to create a better alerting mechanism for the world.

Our Mission

To create a free, comprehensive alerting service for the world so that no one will ever miss a useful piece of information when it is most needed.

We hope that you also agree with us. You can support us by using the service, telling your friends about it, and reporting alert information to the site. We look forward to your active participation and feedback.