New Look: Alertpedia turns Web 2.0

This week we launched the new design. Believe us, developing PHP is easier than picking colors, any day.

In the end, Looks are not everything, but they are the first thing a visitor notices – and we know what they say about first impressions. We decided to go with the mainstream 2.0 look (reflections, shading, larger fonts) that is really popular these days and added our own minimalist, clean touch to it. The new logo is pretty cool, isn’t it? Kind of like digg, addthis, etc. There are plans for spreading it, stay tuned. 

But we also went beyond just cosmetics with this upgrade: we added easy social bookmarking links (via so that you can easily add any web page / blog / alert on Alertpedia to your favorite bookmarking site, like digg, delicious, reddit, etc.

What else did we do with this release..

  • made it easier for users to participate: no logins needed to add comments.
  • added RSS feeds
  • added google ads.. ok, this is not a feature for anyone except Google
  • fixed bugs, not that there were too many to start with ;-)
  • and, did I say we revamped the site’s look and feel? like, adding a launch page?

Do you like the new look? Please provide your valuable comments on what you like or don’t like. Usability is easier with user feedback!
Here’s the OLD and the NEW at a quick glance.

Alertpedia 2.0 look

Alertpedia old site look

- dharani

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