Get alerts on house prices

So, everyone is watching the real estate bubble wobble all around us in the USA. The buyers are watching the prices fall and waiting for that bottom . The sellers are watching the prices fall and waiting for them to reverse course.
Bottomline: Everyone is watching the house prices. Like,

  • The neighbors sold their house for WHAT??
  • What are houses like ours selling for these days in *my* area? (not just some nationwide average that groups Manhattan mansions with our Suburbia)
  • When can I afford that McMansion in Sunnyvale?

The team at Alertpedia is happy relieved to finally add house price alerts to Alertpedia so that all of us can stay on top of this thriller. This is what you do to start getting your email alerts as houses go on sale in your area:

  1.  Go to real estate alerts page on Alertpedia
  2. Enter the ZIP code where you want to monitor house prices (you live there? you want to move there?)
  3. Select a price range, type of house, # bathrooms, # bedrooms [or leave some of them as Any to get all the alerts for that Zip code. But, that may be too many.]
  4. Submit

Simple. Now, sit back, relax, and let Alertpedia do the watching for you.

PS: One thing we know for certain: everyone needs shelter. The housing market will turn around one of these days.. or months.. or years. The rumor is that real estate is really hot on Mars these days!! :)


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