Tips for moms for safety & savings

Fellow Moms-of-the-world,

Alertpedia is my 2nd project, the first being bringing up my kids. There is a selfish motive in running Alertpedia (no, not the Google ads, no one clicks on them ever!) – safety, health, and savings for my own family! And, of course, since one thing we moms are constantly short of is TIME, it’s better that someone else (Alertpedia) takes care of this while I can do other fun things (like signing up our kids for MORE activities ;-) )

So, here’re some alerts I set up on towards my own needs:

Safety & Health of my family:

  • Product and food recalls (for: “lead” “peanuts” “allergies” etc.)
  • Health and Fitness (tell me when there’s some news about asthma, avian flu, allergies, exercise tips, or a new diet guru telling us how cholesterol is actually good for us ;) )
  • Severe Weather (tell me when there’s a thunderstorm warning or another snow-shoveling day coming up for my area)

Save some money:

  • House prices in my area (Tell me when a house goes on sale in my zip code so I know how much I really have with the house. Tell me what houses are selling for in California these days so I can stop all this california dreamin’.)
  • Craigslist - (tell me when someone posts a Wii for sale in the tri-state area Craigslist. Tell me when a nanny or a web designer is affordable in the area. )
  • Air fare deals (tell me when there’s a sale on flight from Newark to Honolulu so I can start packing for aloha land!)

Stay informed:

  • Traffic (tell me if there’s bad traffic on I-695 during my commute hours so I can take Route-47 and get stuck in the congestion there, instead :) )
  • News (tell me when my kid’s school or my hometown or “soccermom” comes in the new)

I don’t personally have alerts set up on Earthquakes because I don’t live in California.. hmmm but earthquakes can occur anywhere (except on the moon, they have moonquakes there), so may be I should set one up just in case :) !
Hope that helps,

Alertpedia: Looking out for you moms

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