Get alerts on job listings in your area

How often do we check career sites looking for that dream job in our dream location? (and then reality checks in and the current boss walks in with a project plan. :) ) The good news is that there are dozens of those perfect jobs out there for each of us. But they disappear while we have our heads deep in the current job. Like the mighty mouse discovered in  “Who Moved My Cheese” don’t stop looking for a job even when the current one seems very secure, especially when the economy is turbulent.

Well, here’s how you can have your current job and not miss the dream job too. Alertpedia now supports job alerts by area and category!

e.g., Alert me when there is a “Healthcare” job in “Chicago, IL”

You can filter the alerts on search text:

  • e.g., Alert me when there is a “Healthcare” job in “Chicago, IL” with the keyword “nurse” in the title
  • Alert me when there is a “Software developer” job in “Austin, TX”, with the keyword “AJAX” in the title

Set up as many as you need. It’s free. Watch them daily or weekly. Be sure to let us know if something is missing from the feature, like your favorite job category.

PS: And good luck with finding your dream job! Drop us a note if you found something useful via Alertpedia alerts. We like to believe that we are making a difference! :)

While you are in the job hunting mode, here’s another good book to find your dream job: What Color is Your Parachute?.


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