In your mailbox: Latest YouTube Video Alerts

Let’s admit it. Everyone loves videos on the web. YouTube is the second most popular “search” site (you know the first one) in the US! Guess what most of the searches are? My guess is they are people searching every other day if there is a new video on soccer highlights, wisdom from Obama, magic tricks, some movie, some singer, etc.

Well, Alertpedia has an answer for this time sink. Tell us what videos you are interested in  – e.g., magic tricks – and we will email you when a new video is posted on YouTube on that – if it is posted tomorrow, next month, or next year!

Simple? So, leave the searches to us, and save your time to feast on the videos.

Check it out here!

PS: This is free and you can  set up as many alerts as you care to.


PS: Here’s the Menthos and Diet Coke idea that launched YouTube into space!

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