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In your mailbox: Latest YouTube Video Alerts

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Let’s admit it. Everyone loves videos on the web. YouTube is the second most popular “search” site (you know the first one) in the US! Guess what most of the searches are? My guess is they are people searching every other day if there is a new video on soccer highlights, wisdom from Obama, magic tricks, some movie, some singer, etc.

Well, Alertpedia has an answer for this time sink. Tell us what videos you are interested in  – e.g., magic tricks – and we will email you when a new video is posted on YouTube on that – if it is posted tomorrow, next month, or next year!

Simple? So, leave the searches to us, and save your time to feast on the videos.

Check it out here!

PS: This is free and you can  set up as many alerts as you care to.


PS: Here’s the Menthos and Diet Coke idea that launched YouTube into space!

What’s with peanut allergies in the United States?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Is it just us, or do you also feel that there are more kids with peanut allergies out in the United States than other parts of the world? And, more today than yesterday?

Here are the different explanations I’ve heard. Tell me what you feel. More importantly, share your solutions to this serious problem.

  1. The premise itself is wrong. The spread of peanut allergies is the same worldwide, but it just gets reported more and diagnosed more accurately in the States. i.e., we must be, there’s no problem here!
  2. Peanuts come from the ground in the rest of the world (”groundnuts”) – fresh and organic. They come in a Planters package in the US – processed and maybe genetically morphed to increase saleability and inadvertently making it less safe? i.e., Blame it on the Corporations!
  3. Peanuts are the same everywhere, but the clean, low-germ environment in the States has made our children far less immune to nasty surprises that nature springs their way. i.e., Blame it on Cleanliness!

There may be a point with 3, nutty as it may seem. Somehow using chemicals (the ubiquitous Purel hand sanitizer) to wash off germs sounds like a zero sum game to me.

Well, what is the fix? Safer peanuts? Medical cures? or, a bit of germs all around?

Until then, this is what we can do:

  1. let’s vow to keep schools peanut-safe (at least in the early grades).
  2. monitor the news for any food recalls related to peanuts (and other allergens), and for medical breakthroughs related to allergies
  3. share any news / recalls / recipes we come across.

Alertpedia addresses 2 & 3. Please tell your friends and families susceptible to allergies to use this free service to set up alerts and report news.

Stay aware and stay safe!

– dharani