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Alertpedia in India’s 10 Best Tech product startups at Headstart!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

We arrived at the NIMHANS conference center with our demo equipment, a huge poster we just got printed (for $8!)  and new business cards ($8). Quickly set up our booth and were waiting for visitors to come in. Then Vinayak Hegde- the very helpful organizer – comes by at 9.30am and says that we are selected as one of the Top-5 consumer ventures and should now do an on-stage demo.. in an hr! A quick scramble to script it, mirror rehearsal, and I’m all set to go on stage.

A nice introduction, flawless demo (thank you Demo Gods!) and some really good questions followed. Congratulations also to the other ventures that went on stage (Cashnxt, Verismo, SnappyFingers, and EnTrip)!

We got good coverage in the blog world and the best part of Headstart was all the valuable interactions with the visitors. Check out some what the news and blogosphere are saying about us.

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Headstart provides platform for Indian startups

On Twitter too! Netra

Alertpedia is a finalist at Headstart startup conference!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Looks like we are beginning to be noticed. We have been selected to a small list of startups that will demo’ing their wares at the Headstart conference for entrepreneurs in Bangalore (Jan 9-10, 2009). Thank you Headstart for givings us this start!

Check us out if you are going to be there!


Top 102 Websites according to Telegraph (and Me :) )

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

There was this great article in Telegraph about Top 101 web sites. Some of our favorites on the list: Google, IMDB,,,, DIGG, facebook, technorati. I don’t think I saw Amazon there (!?).

 But, we humbly believe that the list should include Alertpedia. Why?

  • Nearly every website in the list wants your attention, eyeballs, and time. Alertpedia SAVES you time. This is the one of the few sites (only?) where you get value delivered straight to your mail; we don’t count our success by the number of eyeballs on the site, rather by the number of appreciative emails we receive from our fellow subscribers.
  • This is the world’s FIRST and MOST COMPLETE alerting site. Like Wikipedia for knowledge, Google for search, Alertpedia is the single stop shop for alerts, on almost everything. (esp. with the RSS feed alerts feature. check it out)
  • In the world of information overload, Alertpedia cuts down on information and only sends you what you want to know about.
  • Alertpedia is not a VC-funded venture. It is run by us with our own time and money. We keep it simple, we focus on value for families, and not on fancy financial projections and innumerable adverts. We started Alertpedia because we felt a need for such alerts in our own lives. If it serves that purpose, and also helps you, then our time here is spent well.
  • We started with a noble purpose: save lives through alerts so 300000 people won’t die again like in the Indian ocean tsunami. Good goals usually lead to good outcomes.

Do you agree? If you believe that there should be some other sites included in the 102, go ahead, plug it here.

Alertpedia: Don’t just talk about “not doing evil”,  do good.