Get email alerts on health news like health advice, disease outbreaks, diet, allergies, bird flu, drug discoveries.
Get email alerts on food or product recalls like toys with lead, food with bacteria or peanuts, allergies, defective cars, electronics.
Get email alerts on Craigslist postings in your area like items for sale, local jobs, community events.
Get email alerts on flight fares to and from your preferred location.
Get email alerts when earthquakes occur in specific places like california, india, indonesia.
Get email alerts on house prices in your neighborhood, like townhomes, single family homes, condos, home sales, real estate.
Get email alerts on local events in your neighborhood, like yard sales, kids events, concerts.
Get email alerts on job postings by type and location, like software developer in New Jersey.
Alertpedia FAQ

How do I setup an alert?

Click on the interested category tab. This will open up the create alert form. Fill out the respective form, enter your valid email address and submit the form by clicking on 'Create Alert' button.

Can I setup more than one alert per category at the same time?

You can setup more than one alert for the same category by entering search words or filters separated by a comma. For example, if you want to receive craigslist alerts on a car & a bike on sale, enter: car, bike against the Filter field.

Where & how do I receive my alerts?

You will receive an email with alerts as per your search criteria. The subject of the email will say: Alerts from Alertpedia.

Do I need to login/register to setup an alert?

Not at all. You need not login/register to setup an alert. All you need to do is fill out the create alert form by entering a valid email address to which you want your alerts sent.

Why do I need to register/login?

Creating an account is useful to view your alerts and to Report an event to Alertpedia.

I would like to stop receiving alerts from Alertpedia. How do I unsubscribe?

Currently, you can unsubscribe or stop receiving alert emails by sending an email to

How do I view the alerts I have set up?

You can view your alerts by going to Manage My Alerts link on the top right menu. If you are logged in, this will display all the alerts you have setup. If not, it will prompt you to enter your email address to which a direct link to your alerts will be emailed.

Can I view my alerts online?

This feature is currently not available but in the works. You will be able to view all your alert emails online in an RSS format.

How do I delete my alerts?

You can delete your alerts by going to Manage My Alerts link on the top right. This will display your alert criteria sorted by category. You can click on the delete button for a specific alert to delete it.