Get email alerts on health news like health advice, disease outbreaks, diet, allergies, bird flu, drug discoveries.
Get email alerts on food or product recalls like toys with lead, food with bacteria or peanuts, allergies, defective cars, electronics.
Get email alerts on Craigslist postings in your area like items for sale, local jobs, community events.
Get email alerts on flight fares to and from your preferred location.
Get email alerts when earthquakes occur in specific places like california, india, indonesia.
Get email alerts on house prices in your neighborhood, like townhomes, single family homes, condos, home sales, real estate.
Get email alerts on local events in your neighborhood, like yard sales, kids events, concerts.
Get email alerts on job postings by type and location, like software developer in New Jersey.

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What is Alertpedia?

Alertpedia sends you email alerts when something happens that matters to you.

It is a free, reliable, and comprehensive online alerting service - like Wikipedia for Alerts. The goal is for all of us to lead safer lives with more free time to do other things! Examples:

Arrow  Health: High levels of bacteria detected in local lakes, or new tips / cures for dealing with asthma
Arrow  Product Recalls: Certain toys are recalled due to unacceptable levels of lead; or food with peanuts in them.
Arrow  Weather: A thunderstorm is headed towards Somerset county, NJ
Arrow  Earthquakes: A 5.2 quake occurred in California 1hr ago

We are constantly adding new features and news categories to the site - our goal is to make this a one-stop shop for alerts on all of world's information. We started Alertpedia in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, as a step towards making sure that the world will have a better alerting mechanism in the future. It is based on a very exciting and innovative patent-pending technology.

What are the benefits of using Alertpedia ?

Arrow  Stay safe by being better informed
Arrow  Save time. You can now avoid repeatedly checking zillions of websites for infrequent and unpredictable events.
Arrow  Single place to monitor hundreds of reliable information sources
Arrow  You get a chance to help others by reporting alerts to the site

How does it get the information?

Alertpedia continuously monitors and gathers information from hundreds of reliable sources like the US govt bulletins, etc. Users, like you, have the ability to report news items you come across and add to the many valuable sources of information.

How to get the most out of Alertpedia?

Arrow  Use filter words or specific search terms when you set up alerts.
Arrow  If you happen to chance upon useful news articles anywhere on the internet, report it at the site for the benefit of yourself & other users.
Arrow  Spread the word. Tell your friends to sign-up for their alerts. Our experience has been that they will be thankful to you!

Website publishers: Get the Alertpedia widget for setting up alerts on your page

Arrow When you customize install this widget on your site, users can directly set up alerts for YOUR content from YOUR page using an Alertpedia form that gets displayed there. Alertpedia will monitor your site and send them alerts when new content of relevance to them appears. Makes for happy and repeat users and higher traffic to your site!